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Bed head units (BHU)

Bed head unit (type PANDORA)

“PANDORA” bed head unit is ideal for normal care and wards.

“PANDORA” is manufactured of a special extruded smooth aluminum profile of 3mm thickness and in dimensions of 205.6x84.6mm without screws panels (click-off system), stove enameled or anodized, having two main compartments designed to embrace electrical equipments and medical gases pipes.

“PANDORA” profile includes the following components:

  • Low voltage duct set DATA
  • Power mains duct set
  • Power sockets
  • Pipes for medical gases (O2, Air, Vac)
  • Aluminum covers for the electrical and medical gases comportments of the unit
  • Aluminum colored (RAL scale) stripe which visually separates the electrical from the medical gases comportment.