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Bed head units (BHU)

Bed head unit (type THEODORO)

This profile is ideal for intensive care units, special care units and recovery areas

It is manufactured froma  special extruded smooth aluminum profile of 3mm thickness and in dimensions 216.4x100mm without screw panels (click-off system), stove enameled or anodized, having two main compartments designed to embrace electrical equipments and medical gases pipes.

The profile includes the following components:

  • Low voltage duct set DATA
  • Power main duct set
  • Power sockets
  • Pipes for medical gases (O2, Air, Vac, N2O, AGSS)
  • Aluminum covers for the electrical and medical gases compartments of the unit
  • Aluminum colored (RAL scale) stripe which visually separates the electrical from the medical gases compartment.