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Bed head units (BHU)

Bed head unit- vertical (type THEODORO)

The vertical “ICU” supply unit consists of Medical supply unit “THEODORO” vertically sited at a variable height according to the specifications provided and the special needs of each project.

“THEODORO” bed head unit includes the following components:

  • All types of electrical sockets
  • Phone/Data sockets
  • Optional night light 5W
  • Equipotential sockets
  • Medical gases outlets (O2, Air, Vac)
  • Aluminum colored (RAL scale) stripe which visually separates the electrical from the medical gases comportment
  • Optional rail mounted examination light
  • Optional Inox monitor table 400x400mm
  • Optional Inox tubes Ø38 – 2 pcs
  • Optional 4hook phlebo holders