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Bed head units (BHU)

Bed head unit (type ELISA)

ELISA profile is ideal for normal hospital care and wards

ELISA is constructed by extruded aluminum profile of 3mm thickness in dimensions of 185x175.1 mm, primed and stove enameled. The structure contains three independed accessible compartments for low voltages, power mains and medical gas pipes.

The ELISA profile includes the following components:

  • Power mains duct set
  • Power sockets
  • Indirect general lighting (one or two lamps)
  • Reading lighting (one or two lamps)
  • One examination lighting
  • One night lighting
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Electronic control box low voltage for lamp operation
  • Nurse call system
  • Indirect observation night lighting
  • Plexi-glass and aluminum covers

Installation options:

  1. Wall mounted
  2. Ceiling Suspended