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Ceiling pendant arms

Ceiling pendant for OPT (type THESSALONIKI)

THESSALONIKI pendant arm has been created for grouping all the necessary electrical, data and medical gases services, required for use in operating theaters.

The installation position ensures that the outlets can be placed immediately above the anesthetic machine, there by removing the hazard of trailing hoses and cables.

The unit is manufactured totally of special extruded anodized aluminum profiles and consists of the below main parts:

  • Ceiling plate support system

  • Double horizontal aluminum arm

  • Vertical retractable (telescopic) body including technical box and two stainless steel tubes Ø38mm for the suspension of various appliances


Technical characteristics:

  • Horizontal rotation in three axis max (340º+340º+340º). The rotation on first bearing can be manually adjusted every 30º on 12 positions.

  • Double horizontal arm (900+700mm) adjustable dimensions

  • Vertical arm of 1600mm

  • Optional: Stainless steel or alluminum monitor table (450x350mm) adjustable dimensions

  • Electrically operated linear actuator

  • Pendant weight: 195kg 

  • Pneumatic and mechanic brakes (Optional 2nd pneumatic brake)

  • Load capability: 250kg


Electrical motor technical specifications:

- Push/ pull force: 5.000N

- Stroke length: 500mm

- Voltage (50 Hz): 230V~

- Power consumption: 175W

- Speed at nominal load: 6mm/sec.


 Technical box specifications: 

  • 8 electrical sockets  10/16A - 250V~ color: red (UPS) or green (Generator)

  • 1 ground bar for electrical sockets

  • 1 automatic switch 10A for the electric motor protection

  • 1 double button for  the up-down movement of pendant’s head

  • 1 simple button or handle button for pneumatic brake/ optional 2nd button

  • 3 equipotential sockets DIN  42801/2

  • 2 data or telephone sockets RJ45 cat.6 or cat.5e

  • 7 medical gas outlets (2xO2  – 2xVac – 2xAir – 1xN2O) according ISO 9170-1 

  • 1 AGSS outlet according to ISO 9170-2

  • 3 manometers and one vacuum gauge for pressure indication

  • 1 bar of equipotential grounding system and grounding of metallic parts

All technical box specifications can be adjusted according to the customer's needs.

THESSALONIKI pendant arm is manufactured and tested to comply with the European Standards ISO 11197, ISO 5359, ISO 7396-1&2 and ISO 9170-1&2 and is labeled with CE to guarantee a high level of safety for patient and personnel.