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OPT control panels

OPT control panel

OPT control panel

OPT Control Panel, is the central device for providing all the necessary control signals, alarms and information required in an Operating Theater. OPT Control Panel allows the medical personnel to have only one, familiar source of information and provides easy access to technical personnel for inspecting and maintenance of several different subsystems, without disrupting the wall infection integrity.

Main features of our technically advanced, OPT Control Panels:
• Meets the electrical safety norms for high and low voltage systems
• Easy cleaning of the surface
• Stainless Steel design, brushed grain or powder painted
• Front access doors for service and maintenance. Rear access upon request
• Flexible design, customized OPT control Panels also available

Each Control Panel may contain (typically):

• one time elapse clock
• one standard clock
• X-ray viewer
• medical gas alarms with Ethernet / Modbus communication
• medical gas outlets
• AGSS control and alarms
• isolation transformer
• isolation monitoring device (two independent dry contacts)
• EQ sockets
• electrical sockets
• power supply alarms,
• UPS monitoring device
• general lighting control
• fire alarms