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Scrub up units

Scrub up unit

Scrub up unit

The antiseptic sink TEHNOASEPT is indicated for washing of the hands of the surgical staff and cleaning the heat-sensitive instruments (endoscopes and fiberscopes ). It is made of high quality acrylic material of minimum thickness of 5mm, supported at the rear of the sink with polyurethane. The materials used for the manufacture of the antiseptic sink bear environmental certificates from the manufacturer, certifying its antibacterial properties.


  • Non-flat surface
  • Lightweight, soft and durable material
  • Easy cleaning
  • Deep sink to avoid contamination
  • Thermostatic mixing valve
  • Embedded soap dispencer, easy to clean



  1. Single position with final microfilter
  2. Double position with final microfilter
  3. Single position with UV light
  4. Double position with UV light