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Nurse call systems

Nurse call central station

The nurse call system is installed in a nursing unit. It provides patients or others to be able to call a nurse in case of an emergency but also in case of some other patient need. It is an electronic system which is very easy to use. It is consisted of many individual units and its structure and operation are described below:


  • maximum number of beds 50 beds
  • maximum number of rooms 24 rooms
  • corridor light of three statuses (call – presence – emergency)
  • entry presence – cancellation button near the door
  • pull cord (bathroom/WC) – emergency button
  • nurse call from the BHU (double - emergency)
  • central unit - historical data
  • extracted printed circuits (4 pcs)
  • transfer of calls to up to two stations
  • direction light

Signal inputs:

  • (bathroom/wc) button
  • handset
  • button i) presence II) emergency III) cancellation

Signal outputs:

  • Two station input
  • corridor light (LED) outside the room for 3 situations
  • buzzer
  • test and silence
  • display 5×20
  • 3 LED on the printed circuit
  • history calls report
  • direction corridor light