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Medical Gas Central Stations (MGCS)

Cylinders decompression unit

The cylinders decompression units are designed to supply medical gases (oxygen-nitrous oxide-air-nitrogen-carbon dioxide) to any type of medical gas network, where continuity of supply is essential and where the pipeline is supplied from manifold high pressure gas cylinders. They are complied with all current safety regulations and laws and are designed and tested to guarantee safe operation. G.SAMARAS SA offers a vast portfolio of decompression units with the following options:

  • Capacity (75 - 180m3/h)
  • Outlet pressure (8 or 4bar)
  • Operation (Pneumatic / Electrical / Manual)


Our company disposes also the parts of a complete decompression unit:

  • Manifolds - Cylinder ramps (2 - 6 positions)
  • High pressure evacuation valves
  • Cylinder holders (1 - 5 positions)
  • High pressure tubes (they connect manifold to manifold or manifold to central unit)
  • Pigtails (They connect cylinders to manifolds) (available connections: NF, BS, CGA, DIN, UNI)