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Stainless steel furniture

Surgeon chair

Made entirely of stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304 (X5CrNi1810).
Solid base heavy, round, with 5 castors Ø 60 mm antistatic marking rubber, with central brake pedal activation. Seat, Ø 360 mm, and upholstered in highdensity polyurethane flame retardant designed to ensure a comfortable posture and not overly warm the surgeon, the seat and back are covered with anti-static vinyl. 360 ° rotation of the seat. Anatomic back with back support designed to not interfere with the clean arm of the surgeon. Adjustable backrest height and depth stand mounted in harmonic steel. Elevation system using precision hydraulic pump, double movement, a sealed circuit with activation pedal. Elevation ranges from 610 mm to 810 mm Pedal covered in highgrip rubber.
Dim. Saddle: mm Ø 360x100h
Dim. Overall: 440 mm diameter X610 / 810h
Weight: 22 kg