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Medical Vacuum Central Systems (MVCS)

Medical Vacuum Central Station

A typical medical vacuum central station consists of one, two or three vacuum pumps. The medical vacuum systems are designed to operate according to BS HTM 2022, EN 737-3 and ISO 7396-1 standards. The duty vacuum pump is rated at 100% of the installation design flow rate and a standby pump capable of automatic operation is fitted (if needed). The vacuum plant design enables isolation of each component without interrupting the overall system operation.

The vacuum central system usually incorporates the following elements:

  • Vacuum pumps (Oil free / Oil bath). Capacity range: 0,25 - 15KW
  • Vessel (Painted / Galvanised). Capacity range:270-5.000lt
  • Filters
  • Electronic control panel 


The vacuum central stations are available in Horizontal (H), Vertical (V) or Compact (C) set up.