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Medical Air Compressor Systems (MACS)

Medical air compressor systems

G.SAMARAS SA manufactures medical air compressor systems according to EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01.The medical compressed air plant provides a reliable and constant air supply, without the transport and management costs associated with heavy gas cylinders. A wide range of models are available to satisfy all sites of installations. The plants are designed to operate at a maximum of 10 bar. All range includes duplex components to ensure constant operation of the system.

All systems are manufactured according to the projects needs, whereas the available subsystems (elements) are the following:

- Compressors (Screw / Piston / Scroll / Oil free / Oil bath). Range:1 - 120Hp

- Vessels (Painted / Galvanised / Vitroflex). Capacity: 500 - 5.000lt

- Dryers (Adsorption / Cooling)

- Filters (Pre-filters / After-filters)

- Water / Oil separators

- Automatic drains (Pneumatic / electrical / zero-loss)

- Activated carbon towers

- CO reduction filters

- Second stage pressure regulator unit

- Emergency inlet point

- Electronic control panel

All systems could be constructed in compact or not set up.