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Medical air compressor systems (MACS)

Adsorption dryer

The adsorption dryers are being used in cases that medical compressed air needs drying (medical air plants, oxygen generator plants). Once the compressed air enters the beds-towers, the desiccant material thereby regulate the dew point so as to retain water and allow dry compressed air to continue to the network.

Product highlights:
• Top operational reliability
• Minimum operation cost
• Long life time
• Easy maintenance
• User friendly
• Low installation cost

All the above mentioned advantages derive from the following technical characteristics:
• Precise dew point control providing efficient and economical operation (economizer)
• Fix mode of pressure dew points (options of: -20°C, -40°C, -60°C, -70°C or user defined)
• Adapted mode of pressure dew points through economizer (options of: -20°C, -40°C, -60°C, -70°C or user defined)
• Low differential pressures
• Desiccant of high quality
• Single or double configuration according to EN 7396-1 and HTM 02-01
• Multi-bed option with active carbon or CO and CO2 reduction bed
• Cyclic operation supported (up to 4 as optional)
• Desiccant bed of 2 layer (water resistant)
• Long life desiccant service (15 years)
• High quality pressure vessels made in EU
• Vessels galvanized internally and painted externally
• Top quality, extra durable coating
• Full electronic control panel
• Ecomode system
• Embedded filter station (optional)
• Auto restart mode