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Control and reducer panels

Area valve service unit

The Area valve service units (AVSU) are fitted to all medical gas and vacuum services in a prominent and accessible position at the entry of wards, theatres, intensive care, recovery rooms, etc.
The AVSU panel is conforming to EN ISO 7396-1, HTM 02-01 standards and contains:

  • Shut-off valves (for Oxygen use)
  • Pressure/Vacuum gauges
  • Gas-specific connectors
  • Pressure sensors (digital or transducer)


They are available for 1 - 6 gases and could be manufactured:

  1. with or without sensors (Analog or Digital)
  2. with or without emergency gas outlet
  3. with or without alarm panel

All are being placed inside a metal galvanised box and coated with electrostatic paint.