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Alarm systems for medical gas panels

Medical gas alarm panel

Medical gas alarm panel

Inputs: 5 or 6 analog inputs (transducers), 10/12 digital (switches)


  • 10 or 12 outputs digital signals used for: a) repeating to second panel, b) central alarm system, c) BMS of installation.
  • built in 10 or 18 LED, 2 red LED for each gas, 1 for high and 1 for low pressure indication and 1 green for Normal
  • built in buzzer for alarm signaling
  • LCD display (2×16 characters) for real time pressure monitoring and text messages corresponding to alarm conditions
  • adjustable limits and alarm messages (by user programming through TCP/IP web page interface)
  • adjustable analog sensors range and type
  • alarm programming through Ethernet connection with an IP address
  • button test and silence
  • 230V 50Hz-60Hz power supply (double insulated transformers)
  • alarm / events report and log file (max 200 records with relative time stamp)
  • editable gas names
  • remote control and monitor of the central AGSS central units through the L6
  • leakage test procedures according to EN ISO 7396-1