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The Designing department of G. SAMARAS S.A. consists of experienced engineers who can guide the customer during an initial design process in order to fulfil the requirements, offer the most cost-efficient medical gas network and equipment. This specialized department designs sufficient medical gas installation achieving the lowest implementation cost, always in accordance with International Standards and Regulations.

G. SAMARAS S.A. is verified according to EN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 in the field of Medical Gases installations. The installation operations are executed by specialized personnel ensuring the right installation and compliance to the International regulations.

Testing and commissioning of medical gas pipeline systems aims to certify that all aspects and performance requirements of the systems are met. G. SAMARAS S.A. was the first company in Balkans verified according to EN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 in the field of Medical Gases installations and has the authority to control and verify those installations and to issue the corresponding certifications of the installations. For this purpose the company uses certified instruments to analyze, test and measure and employs suitable and educated personnel of great experience in constructing Medical Gas Installations. The tests and operations are taking place either at already built installations, with proposals of improvement according to ISO 7396-1 & 2 or at new installations before starting up.

Following the customer oriented approach the company undertakes the after-sales support of its installations and products. G. SAMARAS S.A., according to its certification of EN ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, is issuing a specific program service support, fitting the needs and size of each installation. The service program can be set in quarterly, monthly or even weekly visits, according to the size of the Nursing Unit and the actual needs of the facility. The service can be done at the hospital site or in our premises according to customer’s preference. All previous services information is kept in our archive, for better visit log. Testing, checking, measuring and replacing worn components are parts of every maintenance program. In addition, all the reports, regarding installation, maintenance and after sales support, deriving from Technical / Service department are being examined and analyzed by the Research & Development department contributing to continuous enhancement.

G. SAMARAS S.A. can provide training to personnel who want to specialize in installation, maintenance and designing of medical gas systems equipment. The training program consists of two different courses:
• Basic course: Duration 2-3 days
The trainee will acquire basic knowledge of medical gas systems equipment, which will allow him to be able to perform routine maintenance according to maintenance manuals and basic installation. This course is suitable for marketeers, engineers and technicians.
• Advanced course: Duration 4–5 days in total
After the basic course the trainee that will participate to this course will become specialized in medical gas systems equipment. Apart from routine maintenance, he will be able to install, and also make interventions to the equipment, providing swift solutions whenever necessary.
At the end of both training courses, the personnel will be rewarded with a certificate of training.

G. Samaras S.A. telemetry system can be used to transfer data captured remotely. Any analogue signal, usually from a transducer, or digital signal can be projected to the hardware. Also, digital information can be transferred through Modbus and digital telemetry system (GPRS) to the Web Interface.
Product Capabilities
▸ The telemetry system is able to work as a traditional Stand Alone unit providing SMS Alerts, Automated SMS Reports and Triggered SMS Reports.
▸ Using a powerful Internet Infrastructure (GPRS) with a Web Application to display remote information. The Web Application is the front end of the telemetry system. All the information sent by the remote devices is displayed on the portal. A number of tools, configuration options, graphing, virtual instrumentation and more are available. The unique Customer Based Management System provides the ability to manage simultaneously multiple number of customers and installations.
▸ Fleet Management 

Remote monitoring has become an essential part in everyday life. The ability to monitor, control and manage remote devices is an important factor for companies that can’t afford equipment failure. Remote information is transmitted via the HTTP POST protocol to a HTTP server or via TCP/UDP to a server. The data are collected in a database and the measurements of each individual station are displayed through the portal. Data is sent at a pre-defined transmission interval via the User Interface at initial installation or from the web application remotely. If SMS alerts have been configured, a registered engineer will receive an SMS/e-mail if a threshold/criteria is monitored.

MedicaTrack GPS
Fleet management is an essential tool in a company that has a fleet of vehicles covering a vast region. Knowing the position and the status of a vehicle, helps a company plan and manage its fleet in a more effective way.

SMS & E-mail Alerts
An SMS, E-mail or both could be issued when a predefined input level is met. A feature we have included is the assignment of engineers per device. Therefore, every individual engineer is alerted by an assigned remote device.