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    1. These Terms and Conditions together with the relevant Purchase Order, any specifications and plans provided by the Authority and any specific guarantee arrangements applying to the Goods constitute the contract between the Parties for the supply of the Goods.
    2. In the event of any conflict between a clause in these Terms and Conditions and a term of the Purchase Order, the term of the Purchase Order shall prevail.
    3. These General Terms and Conditions can be modified, however the conditions that are stated on the date that the order was registered apply for each CUSTOMER.
    4. The SUPPLIER shall supply the Goods in accordance with the terms set out in the Purchase Order The goods shall comply with any requirements or specifications given on the Purchase Order of the SUPPLIER.

    • In consideration of the supply and delivery of the Goods by the SUPPLIER, the CUSTOMER shall pay the SUPPLIER the Price stated in the Purchase Order.
    • The SUPPLIER shall submit an invoice for the Goods to the CUSTOMER’s address for invoices given in the Purchase Order. The invoice shall contain the Order Number given in the Purchase Order, a full description of the Goods supplied and the Price. In addition to the Price, the CUSTOMER shall (where applicable) pay the SUPPLIER a sum equivalent to any Value Added Tax chargeable on the Goods supplied.
    • The CUSTOMER validates his order. This ratification implies the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.
    • The CUSTOMER selects the payment method, delivery method, delivery address. After confirming the payment, the CUSTOMER confirms the order permanently and irrevocably.
    • Payment of the SUPPLIER is to be made according to the terms of the Purchase Order.

    • The SUPPLIER shall deliver the Goods to the address for delivery given in the Purchase Order on or before the date or dates given in the Purchase Order unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
    • Unless the Purchase Order provides otherwise, the time of delivery is of essence in this Contract and any failure to deliver the Goods by the date (or at the time) given in the Purchase Order shall entitle the CUSTOMER to give the SUPPLIER notice terminating the Contract with immediate effect as well as to make a claim for compensation.

    The products sold are covered by a warranty and will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after delivery. This warranty does not cover expendable or consumable parts and product problems related to Damage caused by force majeure, improper use, improper storage, abnormal or unusual use, or Products repaired, dismantled, or altered by unauthorized technical personnel.


    • The SUPPLIER is obliged to deliver the goods according to the terms of the Purchasing Order.
    • Upon determination by the SUPPLIER that any product is defective and covered by this warranty provision, the SUPPLIER shall either (a). repair the product, (b). replace the product or (c). issue CUSTOMER a credit for the amount paid by the CUSTOMER for the product under warranty.
    • The SUPPLIER assumes all liability whatsoever for customer service, defects or breach of warranty or any type of product liability claim whatsoever regarding Products. In the event that an ultimate purchaser of any Product manufactured or sold, or any other third party, claims such Product to be defective or in breach of any warranty or otherwise raises a product liability claim with respect to the Product, the SUPPLIER shall assume all the obligations, liabilities, costs and expenses relating in any manner to such Product, including, without limitation, any claimed defect or breach of warranty or other product liability claim.

    All products purchased from the SUPPLIER can be returned if the CUSTOMER does not want to keep a product. The CUSTOMER will then be able to return all the products of the Purchasing Order in excellent condition and in their original packaging.


    • The parties agree that all information exchanged with each other and the texts exchanged, including the text of this agreement, made known to each other during the negotiations, provided during the preparation or duration of the contract or will be disclosed during its execution and after its completion, are and will remain confidential content, will not be used, in whole or in part, by the Contracting Parties and their representatives, except by those who need to have access to them and to the extent that this is necessary for the sole purposes hereof, shall not be stored in a file of the other party, they will not be further processed, exported (with or without the use of automated methods), transmitted, disseminated orally or in writing, or associated, or combined, or interconnected.
    • In case of breach of the obligations undertaken hereby, the SUPPLIER shall be sanctioned by the payment of an indemnity to the CUSTOMER without prejudice to any other rights provided for by law.

    • Both parties declare that they comply with the content of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation no. EU 2016/679 (GDPR), as incorporated in the Greek legislation with Law 4624/2019, and are obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding the processing of personal data.
    • Information that is public is excluded from the obligation of mutual confidentiality.
    • Any breach of confidentiality by any of the Contracting Parties shall constitute grounds for termination of this Agreement.

    • For any dispute that arises during the purchase of products, between the SUPPLIER and the CUSTOMER and concerns the execution of the terms of the contract, an attempt will be made for an amicable settlement between the parties.
    • Unless the Purchase Order specifies otherwise, this Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Greece and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki.