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About our company

G. SAMARAS S.A. is an international multi-regional company located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company is active in the medical gas field since 1968, having a track record of continuous growth and a gained leadership in the Greek market, in which it holds more than 85% of the share. The company has a strong reputation due to its professionalism, reliability-solvency and responsibility. In addition, the high quality of the offered products and services, the know-how of medical gas supply systems, the durability of its products and its flexibility, has lead the company to acquire a strong market position. Furthermore, the company holds a wide range of product and service portfolio, which includes everything related to medical gas supply systems. From the very beginning, G. Samaras S.A. has recognized the importance of international growth. Thus, the company has managed to build up a broad exports activity and consequently a large reference list worldwide. The factory, staff offices and the warehouse occupy a building of 4.000 m2 in the Industrial Area of Thermi, Thessaloniki (Northern Greece). Company’s skilled personnel consist of electrical and mechanical engineers, graduate and post-graduate economists, licensed welders and electricians. G. SAMARAS S.A. personnel are the driving force of the company.

All the staff, apart from exceptional professional skills, is characterized by the following attitudes:
  • a bias to act (pro-active behaviour)
  • staying close to the customer
  • productivity through people
  • result orientation
  • autonomy and entrepreneurship

Our quality

G. SAMARAS S.A. is a quality oriented company. In alignment with this aspect the company holds the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications. All of its products are produced and tested according to European Standards and regulations and they are labeled with CE mark. In addition, complying with the requirements, some products are labeled as categories IIa and IIb where it is obligatory or necessary.

Environmental Policy and Management System
The Company’s particular interest in health and safety of personnel at its facilities is based on:
  • The established policy to consider occupational health and safety a vital prerequisite for all company activities, to which the management team is strongly committed.
  • Implementation of this policy through a complex and versatile management system.

In order to facilitate the Company’s health and safety function, the following administrations are in place:
  • The Company's Health, Safety & Environment Division, which handles health and safety issues
  • Health and Safety Divisions at facility level, as well as specialized employees that are appointed as safety engineers, who deals with issues that concern employees’ health, workplace hygiene and measures for the prevention of and the protection from accidents.

Environmental Protection
For G.SAMARAS S.A., the target of sustainable development is a main strategic decision, not just as an expression of its corporate social responsibility, but also as a critical element of competitiveness in the area of medical gas systems.

In this context, the company:
  • Systematically monitors all developments in its sector
  • Renews and replaces equipment, adopting best available techniques and systems.
  • Modernizes its production processes, in order to supply products that meet the strictest European environmental specifications.
  • Renews and develops its human resources, applying up to date management and training methods.

G.SAMARAS S.A. is running a foul scale recycling program, that includes the following materials:
  • Paper
  • Lamps
  • Copper remains
  • Aluminum remains
  • Iron remains
  • Inox remains
  • Brass remains
  • Plastic remains
  • Baterries
  • Packing remains
  • Electronic equipment
  • Lubricants (service department)

Renewable energy sources - energy savings
  • Photovoltaic System Instalaltion at the rooftop of the building contributing to CO2 emissions reduction.
  • Replacement of old, highly energy-consuming machines.
  • Rational use of air-conditions.
  • Vehicles inspection and control of gas emissions.

The products of G.SAMARAS S.A. are suitable for medical gases installations and comply with the corresponding international regulations which are accompanied from certificates of appropriateness CE.

The materials are accompanied by the following certificates:
  • Certificate ISO 9001/2008 for "Design, production, quality control and installation of medical gas and vacuum supply systems and hospital equipment".
  • Certificate ISO EN 13485/2003 for "Design, production, quality control and installation of medical gas and vacuum supply systems and hospital equipment".
  • Certificate of conformity CE, transposing annex II of Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices

For all the devices distributed by G.SAMARAS S.A., there is permanent deposit and availability of spare parts for maintenance and repair. The control of operation and the maintenance of installations are conducted based on written directives and tables in English, which are delivered to the maintenance team of the nursing unit after the completion of installations. Finally, there is training for maintenance personnel of the nursing unit.